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An office space full of privileges

Hundreds of details are all taken care of and all that is left for you is to start your work in one of the comfortable workspaces in Workland!

Workland experience

In reality, all you need is a desk and a chair to work. Then again always having a cup of coffee at hand while working is good too.

It is also good to have lights that do not strain the eyes, an environment that protects you from being distracted by the noise from outside, a connection speed that does not cause annoyance, someone to answer calls for you, a chair that does not hurt your back, a meeting room that becomes available instantly and the ability to access the subway in a matter of minutes once your work is done…

The service that suits you

If you want to set up and develop your business freely, and to maintain it under flexible conditions, take a look at our services.

Office Space

Office Space

Workland offers an opportunity to obtain an efficient, high-quality, full-time office at high standards.

Virtual Offices

Virtual Office

It is now very easy to obtain services such as a legal office address at a prestigious location and many more.

Meeting Rooms

Meeting Rooms

Rentable meeting area services of Workland for training sessions, meetings, seminars and conferences.

At the heart of the business world

After its first branch in Maslak, Workland launched its second branch in Vadistanbul, the biggest integrated project in Turkey.



In the kitchen area of Workland, you and your employees can have lunch outside the office and you can chat in the cafeteria section with delicious coffees and hot drinks.

Hot Drinks

In order for you to have a robust start to your day and remain energetic all day long, warm drinks and a wide range of coffees to be enjoyed are always available and free of charge.

Daily Cleaning

The whole ground in Workland is with anti-bacterial carpeting, which means hygiene and cleaning are great details to us. All the common workspaces and the workspaces special to you are daily cleaned every day of the week.


Car-parks, the entrances and exits on the premises, office areas … with 7/24 CCTVs and electronic security systems recording and you are safe in the office areas at all the hours of day and night.

Free Car-Park

You have got another reason to start your day well in Workland: there is enough park-space for you and those visitors who would rather travel in their own vehicles; moreover, the car-park special for your use is free.

Air Conditioning

In all the working areas and the meeting rooms are the Mitsubishi-make air-conditioning systems, which have an independent unit and can be easily managed with a digital interface; so, you can make every hour of the day matter, adjusting the ideal room temperature special to your liking.

Fiber Optic Internet

With its details providing high comfort for the workspaces alongside alternative and high-speed fiber-reinforced Internet, Workland enables you to stay focused on your job uninterruptedly.

Private Secretary

A Private Secretary answers your calls, organizes your mails, hosts your guests and provides you with flow of information, filling you in on developments. In the workspaces in Workland, full of privileges, a secretary special for you is just a mere detail.

Workland Smart Office Solutions

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