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Workland About Us

At Workland, we make sure you make the best investment for your business, at the most affordable prices, by choosing one of the ready-made offices, virtual offices, common offices and meeting rooms we have prepared for you by taking all the details into consideration.

Here, there is no office management, no dealing with the infrastructure of information technologies, no high initial capital and paying for areas you don’t use, no thinking for assistant and kitchen expenses. You start working right away!


You will not be charged for any extra fees for the internet connection which is unlimited and which you will freely use, parking lot, 24/7 office usage, telephone, reception service, water, kitchen expenses like coffee and many more privileged services in addition to the rental fee you’ve agreed on.


In our office rooms and lounge areas in Workland which we have created by choosing from select brands, you will meet with the most elegant shape of comfort and design.

Our first branch, Eclipse Maslak is located in the Eclipse Maslak Business, which is right in the middle of Maslak, the point where Istanbul meets prestige. Thanks to its magnificent location, it allows you to reach metro and public transport within a very short distance.

In Eclipse Maslak, 44 different work areas ranging from 10 to 52 m2 specially designed for your needs, 3 meeting rooms and 300 m2 common area are waiting for you.


As our second branch, Workland in Vadistanbul which possesses the biggest office complex in Turkey, is operating with spacious and fresh office options, 760 meters long Shopping Street open until midnight, the calmness of Belgrade Forest with Sadabad Stream, overhead railway line dedicated to Vadistanbul and transportation opportunities to Istanbul’s main centres, it offers every detail to make sure that you don’t miss anything.


In Workland Vadistanbul, 34 different work areas ranging from 10 to 80 m2, 2 meeting rooms and a seminar room have been prepared for you.


If you want to make the best investment for your business, take the place in Workland’s privileged world now.


Your Office is Ready

We have provided all the necessary conditions painstakingly so that you can optimize your efficiency as well as your productivity within the 44 different workspaces ranging in square from 10 to 52, 3 meeting rooms and a common work space of 300 meter squares. Hundreds of details that we, instead of you, are reflecting on. All you have to do is start to work in one of the comfortably spacious workspaces in Workland. Thanks to Workland’s exquisite location, all the city centres are just a few minutes away. We have already designed many an innovation in order to facilitate your work.

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