Virtual Office

Whether you are in Vadistanbul or Maslak Eclipse for your business There are many features such as legal business address for you, Vadistanbul or Maslak Eclipse, personal phone number, answering all phone calls for you, receiving cargo and mail now very friendly with service!

Advantages of Having a Virtual Office at Workland

  • With the secretary service in the office, your phone is answered and directed to you.
  • You can show it as a legal address.
  • In addition, you do not pay withholding, you can show the bill you will receive in return for rent payment as expense.
  • You can use either your own line or one of our dedicated lines.
  • 1 hour free per month meeting room rights.
  • You do not have to take delivery of your mail and cargo and keep it forwarded to a different address.
  • You have fully equipped and high-tech meeting rooms.
  • You do not employ extra personnel such as secretary-service personnel, you do not bear the costs of this.
  • Take advantage of the luxurious plaza in the center of the city and you can always offer your customers a prestigious image.

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