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Workspaces ranging from 10-80 m², 6 different meeting rooms and common spaces waiting for you in  Vadistanbul and Eclipse Smart Offices.

A Smart Office With High Standards

Get the ideal working environment for yourself or your entire team right now. The full-time smart office in Maslak, the center of the business world, and Turkey’s largest mixed living project, offers an efficient, high-quality and high-standard opportunity for your need. Free meeting rooms, free secretary service, quality furniture, technological infrastructure, fiber internet, unlimited coffee, free parking and dues and withholding payment, you just focus on your business, we will handle the rest.

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The Advantages Of Having A Ready Office In Workland

  • Experience the privilege of working in offices designed with the most luxurious furniture brands for you.
  • You can concentrate on your business without having to deal with payments such as fees and withholding.
  • Full-fledged and state-of-the-art meeting rooms are available for free weekly.
  • Your foreign-speaking private secretary answers your phone calls, organizes your mail, welcomes your guests and provides you with information flow. In Workland’s privileged workspaces, your private secretary is just a small detail.
  • Hygiene and cleanliness are the most important details in Workland, whose entire floor is furnished with antibacterial carpets. All common areas and private workspaces are cleaned daily every day of the week.
  • There is another reason to start the day well at Workland; There is enough parking space for you and your guests who wants to reach by their own vehicle. And private parking is free of charge.
  • Car parks, building entrances and exits, office spaces… In all areas of Workland, 24/7 closed circuit camera and electronic security systems are recorded. You are also safe every minute of the day with Eclipse Maslak Business and Vadistanbul security personnel.
  • In all working areas and meeting rooms, you can spend all hours of the day in the best way by adjusting your own ideal temperature with the easily manageable air conditioning system with digital interface with independent unit.
  • High-speed fiber internet, wireless network for all areas, different virtual network and suitable infrastructure for each room to keep your information safe, hosting if you have servers, as well as high-speed fiber internet in the Workland workspace service and connectivity services with you in the same network environment, allowing you to focus seamlessly on your business.
  • Hot drinks and rich coffee varieties are always ready and free for you to start the day fit and spend the whole day energetically.
  • The Metro station and the Workland branches are just steps away from the public transport and offers great accessibility. Eclipse Maslak offers a free shuttle service for you, serving all major transportation points at 15-minute intervals, considering all conditions. In Workland Vadistanbul, Turkey’s first Havaray is located next to you.
  • Workland thought all the details for you and your business partners. By joining the Workland family, you can stay at the Best Western Citadel Hotel, the Best Western President Hotel, the European Residence Suites, and the Radisson Blu hotels in Kayseri for your commercial trips starting from 20% in the heart of the old Istanbul and on the seafront.
  • In the Workland kitchen area, you and your staff can have lunch outside the office, and chat with delicious coffees and hot drinks in the cafeteria for small breaks.
  • Workland has thought of all the performance and comfortable working models for you and your team. In addition to your rented office in Workland, you are free to use all the spaces including cafeteria, rest and common working areas as working areas.

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Workland’s prepared for you with all the details Workspaces. Make the best investment for your business at the most affordable prices in your field.

Managing offices, dealing with information technology infrastructure, high enterprise capital, paying for areas you don’t use, no thinking about assistants and kitchen expenses. Start working at Workland now.

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