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Privileged World of Workland

With a choice of ready-made offices, virtual offices or meeting rooms that suit you, you can instantly take part in the privileged world of Workland.

  • At Workland, we provide you the best investment for your business by choosing one of the ready-made offices, virtual offices and meeting rooms that we have prepared for you with all the details in mind.
  • Here you don’t have to think about office expenses, deal with information technology infrastructure, pay high capital and don’t use space, think about your assistant and kitchen expenses. You can start working right now!
  • Apart from the rental price you have agreed, you will not pay any extra fee for unlimited and free internet connection, parking, 7/24 office use, telephone, reception service, kitchen expenses such as water, coffee and more.
  • You will meet with comfort and design in the most elegant form in our office and lounge areas that we have created by choosing from selected brands in Workland.
  • Our first branch, Eclipse Maslak, is located in Eclipse Maslak Business, located in the heart of Maslak, at the point where Istanbul meets prestige. Its amazing location allows you to reach the subway and public transport in two steps.
  • Eclipse Maslak is designed for your needs. 43 different working areas ranging from 10 to 60 m², 3 meeting rooms and 300 m² common area awaits you.
  • Our second branch in Vadistanbul is ready with wide and spacious office options. We offer our customers the opportunity to socialize with the shopping street, Sadabad Creek and the serenity of Belgrade Forest. In addition, we save you time by means of a special Havaray line to Vadistanbul and access to the main ports of Istanbul in a short time.
  • In Workland Vadistanbul, 42 different working areas ranging from 10 to 80 m², 3 meeting rooms for 10-12-20 people have been prepared for you.
  • If you want to make the best investment for your business, take your place in the exclusive world of Workland.

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