Virtual Offices

Virtual Office

With the virtual office services of Workland, it is now very easy to obtain services such as a legal office address at a prestigious location, an exclusive phone number, someone to answer all calls for you and someone to accept all mails and deliveries on your behalf.

You may make the best investment for yourself at the best possible prices simply by selecting one of the workspaces that Workland has designed for you, taking into account all the details involved. Why bother with office management, information technologies infrastructure, high founding capital, payment for unused spaces and the expenses for assistants and the kitchen? Start to work with Workland right away.

Acquire a virtual office in Workland straight away; for all these advantages are ready there only for you.

  • You can use the location as your legal business address.
  • What is more, you are exempt from stoppage tax; you may claim back on expenses the invoice you receive in return for the pay-rent.
  • Your phone calls will be received on your behalf and forwarded to you.
  • You will have the right to use a meeting room free of charge once every month for 1 hour.
  • You may use either your own phone line or one of our lines to be assigned to you only.
  • You may savour luxurious plazas in the city centre in a way to project a prestigious image to your clients.
  • You can avoid being side-tracked by the delivery, maintenance and redirecting to another address, if need be, of your mails and cargos.
  • You will have fully-equipped meeting rooms with advanced technology.
  • You are not under obligation to recruit a service man/woman, nor are you to bear its cost.

Quotes for Virtual Offices

Free of charge use of a meeting room once every month for 1 hour. Make a deal on virtual office services and use the services identified for you straight off.

You can acquire your virtual office now –with payment options below;

  • Annual payment for 12 months: 300 TL + KDV / month
  • Semi-annual payment for 6 months: 320 TL + KDV / month
  • Monthly payment: 350 TL+ KDV / month

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