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If you want to set up and develop your business freely, and to maintain it under flexible conditions, take a look at our services.

Workland developed all kinds of possible working alternatives for you and your team. In addition to the office you will rent, you will be free to use the 300-square meter cafeteria and all other areas, including lounges and common spaces, as a work environment. Choose Workland to enhance your business and social environments, as well as being able to work without having to worry about efficiency.

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Select one of the services we provide you think that fits you the best such as office spaces, virtual offices or meeting rooms.

What is Workland?

81 different workspaces with sizes ranging between 10 and 90 square-meters, 7 meeting rooms and a 300 square-meter common work area were all meticulously designed to have the conditions necessary to enable you to maintain your efficiency all day.

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Emlakta Son Dakika – Sare Çetinsaya Interview (Turkish)
Sare Çetinsaya
A Haber – Serhan Çetinsaya Interview (Turkish)
Serhan Çetinsaya
Emlakta Son Dakika – Serhan Çetinsaya Interview (Turkish)
Emlak Dream – Sare Çetinsaya Interview (Turkish)
Workland - Sare Çetinsaya

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