Office Space

Office Space

81 different workspaces with sizes ranging between 10 and 85 square-meters, 7 meeting rooms and common work areas were all meticulously designed to have the conditions necessary to enable you to maintain your efficiency all day.

An office with high standards

Acquire the most suitable workplace for you or for your whole team at once. Workland provides you with a high standart opportunity for your need for a full-time office in Maslak, the heart of the business world. You just focus on your job in that high technology infrastructure, fiber-reinforced Internet, unlimited coffee, free car-park and secretariat are all at your service.

Carefully selected furnitures

We have painstakingly provided all the necessary conditions so that you can optimize your efficiency as well as your productivity.

Office Space

We are aware that comfort is the most striking detail that has an impact on creativity, focus and efficiency. It is therefore that we have selected the furniture in use with utmost care for all the workspaces in Workland, using in your offices the products bearing the trademarks exclusively from Koleksiyon amongst the top-ranked producers in their sector.

The advantages in Workland

You may make the best investment for yourself at the best possible prices simply by selecting one of the workspaces that Workland has designed for you, taking into account all the details involved. Why bother with office management, information technologies infrastructure, high founding capital, payment for unused spaces and the expenses for assistants and the kitchen? Start to work with Workland right away.

No extra charge!

Acquire a workspace in Workland as soon as you have designated your business model. Other than the hire-charge being agreed on, you will pay no extra charge for free unlimited Internet access, car-parking, 7/24 office use, telephone, a reception service, kitchen expenses such as water and coffee and scores of more privileges.


Acquire a workspace in Workland straight away; for all these advantages are ready there only for you.

  • You find the equipment and infrastructure all required for a corporation ready; you never suffer a loss of time
  • You start to work immediately.
  • What is more, you are exempt from stoppage tax; you may claim back on expenses the invoice you receive in return for the pay-rent
  • You never bother yourself with routine expenses such as electricity, water, office fee, cleaning and heating-cooling; you just focus your attention on your job instead.
  • With flexible areas available, you may also choose larger or smaller offices according to the development of your business without needing a change of address.
  • You may use either your own phone line or one of our lines to be assigned to you only.
  • You will have nothing to do with the expenses for office restoration or decoration; you pay for nothing but the fixed payment for your office.
  • Your guests are welcomed in and hosted gladly by good-humoured Workland crew.
  • You may savour luxurious plazas in the city centre in a way to project a prestigious image to your clients.
  • You are in safe hands with a 7/24 CCTV and an alarm system.
  • You may avail yourself of the speed internet access free of charge. (Fiber-reinforced 100 mpbs linkage)
  • Everyday cleaning and weekly detailed cleaning are done by the Workland crew.
  • You can avoid being side-tracked by the delivery, maintenance and redirecting to another address, if need be, of your mails and cargos.
  • You can use your office 7/24.
  • You can benefit from experienced staff who will offer solutions specific to your business
  • You are not under obligation to recruit a secretary- service man/woman. Nor are you to bear its cost.
  • With the free car-park, you stay focused on your job only right from the start of the day.

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